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In-house Training

Learn Pure NLP with our or subject-based courses:

  • Personal Resilience Training
  • Dealing with Difficult People
  • Coping with Change
  • Leadership Development
  • Influencing & Negotiating Skills
  • Training and Facilitation Skills
  • Confident Presentations
  • Effective Communication
  • Techniques for Confidence
  • Brief Change-working Skills

Individualised Training

At Change Working, we gain an understanding of the particular needs of each individual group of employees. The course content has been honed over 15 years of delivery to varied groups and services.

These have included private, public and third sector organisations with excellent feedback.

Hands On

Because we insist on very practical training, with maximum opportunity to practice new skills as you learn them, the courses are very ‘hands on’. This, we believe, ensures you learn at all levels and are able to practice the technology of NLP immediately.

The Course

This course introduces the principles on which Neuro Linguistic Programming is based, and teaches foundation skills and techniques.

The course offers opportunity for you to explore and experience the benefits that learning and using NLP, and provides insights and understanding as well as techniques and skills to help you work even more effectively in your field Delivered with humour and pace, it is a practical and enjoyable combination of explanations, demonstrations, exercises and practice in pairs and small groups, experiential learning, discussions and application.

The Content

  • Understanding perception, thinking, communication and behaviour
  • The keys to personal effectiveness
  • Working from problems to outcomes
  • Reading non-verbal signals, and enhancing rapport
  • Strategies for dealing with negative
  • Emotions, anxieties and stressors
  • Dealing constructively with personal differences
  • Accessing positive feelings (eg confidence, calmness) at will
  • Creating motivating futures

Learning these skills can assist in:

  • Challenging ambivalence and reluctance
  • Setting clear goals and outcomes that are motivating
  • Using words and non-verbal cues to improve engagement
  • Enhancing rapport, reducing conflict
  • Managing your own state to be more confident and able to support others
  • Communicating more effectively to more people more of the time


Our costs are very competitive, and are individually tailored to your needs
Remember, we can deliver pure NLP training, a specific subject based course, or design a training bespoke to your people skills needs


An in house, fully certified INLPTA 4 day NLP Foundation Diploma for up to 22 participants is just £4995
This includes preparation, delivery from 2 trainers, printing and course materials, certification fees
Not included- venue/ refreshment costs, travel, accommodation and subsistence costs
Please contact Alan Johnson on 07971916534 to discuss your needs


  • I would recommend the IEMT to anybody considering the course, as it really does work & shifts stuff in such a short space of time.

    I found Alan explained things at a level that could be easily understood.

    LP, Fylde Coast

  • Alan is a very interesting guy and knows his subject well.

    It enabled me to look at a couple of issues I thought I had already dealt with. I feel it helped me to see them in a different way.

    CR, Blackpool

  • This course has been truly life changing. I find it hard to describe the amount of positive change it has had on me… I am not the same person as I was when I started this course.

    RW, Drug & Alcohol Service Manager

  • The integrity of the trainer in all aspects of the course enabled me to have complete confidence and trust during all practical exercises. Personal self development has been significant. I have grown in confidence and am far more self- aware. Relationships at work are improved and enhanced, and family life is also easier

    JW, Fundraiser for Charitable Organisation

  • ..more self-awareness and more knowledge and understanding of how people interact and (mis)understand each other. That changing can be quick and easy rather than long and drawn out. Life would be a lot easier if every organisation and school used NLP

    JS, Counsellor