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Individual Change Working for Children

I work with children to help them with learning, behavioural or emotional issues- including anger, lack of motivation, anxiety, self-harm, OCD, fears spelling/ learning strategies for dyslexia and other learning differences, exam stress etc.

I get to know the child and the unique way they experience the world, what THEY would like to have happen for THEM.

I work individually or in schools if contracted, and have seen children from 4 to 18 years old

How I work

I get to know each child in their own words, and quickly understand what makes them XXtickXX. From this I work on what the young person perceives as the current situation, and help them to decide what they would like as their preferred situation.

I use cutting edge change work therapeutic techniques that have the client at the centre – Neurolinguisitcs, Integral Eye Movement Therapy, metaphor work and many other effective tools that work to empower the young person to have the resources they need.

I will see the child at your home or at school or another place where they feel safe and comfortable.


I charge £100 per session, and find 3-6 sessions is often enough for the person to have got enough to move towards the changes they want to make.

Daily discounted rates can be arranged for schools

I also charge 45p per mile travel expenses

About Jackie

I have worked with children, adults and families for over 20 years in differing capacities.

As a childrenXXs change worker I have helped children overcome fears and stresses, manage their disruptive and unhappy behaviour, stay in school and achieve beyond expectations.

Where I can, I work with the school and family too, to support the necessary changes.

I have also been commissioned in schools to work individually and in XXpsycho-education groups. This group of 6 sessions demonstrated a 75% reduction in recorded behavioural issues within the school.

I work with children in their map of the world, and we have fun which helps change happen easily.

I can work with adults, too.

Contacting Jackie

Please discuss the referral with me in the first instance, and it is best if the young person is willing to attend, fully participate and understands what may happen in a session.

If they need a little encouragement, I can speak with them directly.

Please call me on 07988010519, email:


  • The way Alan delivered the training accompanied my style of learning wonderfully! My recommendation is if you are curious then do the training.

    CB, Burnley

  • Alan’s engaging delivery and the content of the NLP Diploma has already noticeably improved my relationships and communications both personally and professionally

    LH, Redcar & Cleveland PCT

  • Very enjoyable and interesting course for people looking for practical, quick and easy techniques to support and develop personal change in themselves and others.

    Well presented, engaging and plenty of opportunities to practice and experience both guiding and exploring

    Eddie Mullany – IEMT Practitioner 2013

  • ..more self-awareness and more knowledge and understanding of how people interact and (mis)understand each other. That changing can be quick and easy rather than long and drawn out. Life would be a lot easier if every organisation and school used NLP

    JS, Counsellor

  • I would recommend the IEMT to anybody considering the course, as it really does work & shifts stuff in such a short space of time.

    I found Alan explained things at a level that could be easily understood.

    LP, Fylde Coast