NLP Master Practitioner

  • July 7, 2018 to April 6, 2019
  • Holiday inn Darlington North
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Take your NLP learning to the next level

Please note that this course will run on weekends , and will be one weekend a month with an overall duration of 20 days.

Mastery Dates



Includes 4 days of Metaphors of Movement training with Andy Austin- worth £550.

Please do ask us about payment plans if required.


Becoming a Master Practitioner involves, for you and your life:

  • learning to relish your own uniqueness, recognising your gifts, and developing a compelling sense of your mission;
  • being at your best more of the time to create and take opportunities, and address and thrive on challenges;
  • living and operating from powerful and high level states of personal resourcefulness and empowerment that come with personal alignment and congruence;
  • developing high level awareness of the structures and programmes that underpin your map, and the elegance to be at choice in the systems and filters you choose.

And in your work and relationships with others

  • supporting generative change using approaches and techniques that address beliefs, values and identity level issues;
  • moving beyond simple change techniques and becoming adept at multi-level individualised interventions;
  • achieving high level conversational influence and change using the artistry and elegance of advanced language patterns;
  • developing refined levels of linguistic and sensory acuity, and the ability to multi track;
  • moving beyond behavioural competence in your practice to proficiency and expertise


The programme syllabus, based on INLPTA requirements, includes: –

Understanding Mastery

  • Values- eliciting values, motivation, resolving values conflicts, changing values

Advanced Trance work

  • Induction techniques
  • the trance interview
  • post trance suggestion
  • metaphors and trance
  • communicating with your unconscious.

Meta Programmes

  • meta-programme framework
  • eliciting meta programme
  • language patterns for rapport and influence
  • changing meta programmes

Working with Core Beliefs

  • problems and positive intention
  • generating core states

Advanced Language Patterns

  • linguistic presuppositions
  • conversational change
  • ‘sleight of mouth’


  • effective modelling
  • beliefs
  • values
  • strategies and physiology
  • modelling project.

Advanced State Management

  • meta-states
  • installing propulsion
  • automatic state management

Clean Language and Symbolic Modelling

  • clean language questions
  • symbolic modelling and mastery

Advanced Submodalities

  • designer SWISH
  • threshold patterns
  • align perceptual positions.

NLP and Health

  • beliefs and health
  • working with symptoms
  • your health mission


Within INLPTA requirements for Master Practitioner certification, the programme will:

  • operate on the basis of a ‘learning community’, recognising that everyone involved has learning and development needs, has skills and knowledge that can be shared, and has areas of personal excellence that can be modelled;
  • be tailored to participants’ specific development and learning agenda;
  • allow time and space to apply content in a way that facilitates meaningful personal growth and development;
  • use NLP approaches to ensure optimum conscious and unconscious integration and application of mastery;

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  • The way Alan delivered the training accompanied my style of learning wonderfully! My recommendation is if you are curious then do the training.

    CB, Burnley

  • The course was great; I have excellent understanding of my XXlynch pinXX I worked on my personal issue in a content-free way. Something that I have carried around for over 26 years has gone.

    I will be able to use the training with service users and staff alike. Thank you.

    AC, Preston

  • It has helped me work better with clients, staff and improve my own self-awareness. By being authentic in the practice sessions I have been able to develop my own levels of confidence in my own ability, both in NLP and my personal life and future career moves.

    EJ, Counsellor and Team Manager

  • Alan’s engaging delivery and the content of the NLP Diploma has already noticeably improved my relationships and communications both personally and professionally

    LH, Redcar & Cleveland PCT

  • Alan is a very engaging trainer who uses humour to make the course very enjoyable. IXXve really enjoyed the course and feel confident to use it with others

    AH, Blackburn