4 Day INLPTA NLP Foundation Diploma

  • April 29, 2017 to May 14, 2017
  • Holiday Inn Darlington North
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The introductory level course

Please note that this course runs on 29th- 30th April & 13th-14th May 2017.


What can a 4 Day Foundation Diploma Programme with Alan Johnson offer me?

Discovering NLP at Diploma Level offers you opportunities to begin to:

  • Learn how people construct their internal experience of the world outside, and how you can enhance and transform experiences by changing that structure
  • Explore what you really want in your life, and set compelling short and longer term goals to get it–goals that really motivate you
  • Learn techniques that enable you to access your inner resources at will, be the best you can more of the time
  • Discover how to establish and maintain deep rapport with anyone
  • Learn how to understand how people access their thoughts by eye movement patterns




Seminar 1 Foundation Diploma (Part 1)

Foundations of NLP, Outcomes and Ecology, Sensory Acuity, Calibration, Eye Accessing Cues, Predicates of Language, Rapport

Seminar 2 Foundation Diploma (Part 2)

Submodalities, Chunking, Self Anchoring, New Behaviour Generator, Perceptual Positions, Overcome Negative Behaviours

This course can also be delivered within your organisation- please see the in house training page

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  • I came to the course with a sceptical outlook as to the benefits to me of NLP. I go away convinced of the real life benefits and practical implementations for it.

    IJ, Retail Manager & Mental Health Trainer

  • ‘…Giving me the ability to learn without text books, making learning fun and opening my mind…’

    JG, Financial Services

  • This course has been truly life changing. I find it hard to describe the amount of positive change it has had on me… I am not the same person as I was when I started this course.

    RW, Drug & Alcohol Service Manager

  • The experiential learning was superb. The trainer delivered the content in a relaxed learning style which, for me, ensured a high level of learning. To describe the benefits briefly would not do justice to the amount of learning I have experienced throughout the course. The practical usefulness of the skills and techniques will be used in every aspect of my life (personal, professional and relationships).

    PT-N, NHS Counsellor

  • I would recommend the IEMT to anybody considering the course, as it really does work & shifts stuff in such a short space of time.

    I found Alan explained things at a level that could be easily understood.

    LP, Fylde Coast