Speaking at the NLP Conference 2018

I’m pleased to say I’m speaking at the NLP Conference in May. Following my award from there last year, I thought I would see what it was all about again I went to the old conference a couple of times in the naughties, and must admit I found it a […]

Go with the flow 2

Last weekend Jackie & I went to North Wales for a lovely short break In the process we had a go at Bounce Below- a series of huge trampoline nets 4 deep in a cavern, and also Velocity Zip Wire- the longest in Europe and fastest in the world. This […]

OldPain2Go- I learn an amazing new Technique

I recently trained as a practitioner of OldPain2Go with the man who developed it- Steven Blake I have been blown away by the simplicity, speed and effectiveness for ‘switching off’ old pain messages- excellent results with arthritis, back pain, old injury/ trauma, along with fatigue-type illnesses such as ME/ Fibromyalgia […]

Alan Wins NLP Award

I’ve been awarded the NLP Award for ‘NLP in Public & Community Services’ at the International NLP Conference in April It was for the work done at Durham Constabulary along with Hannah Bell from Hannah Bell Clarity. We have now trained over 300 members of staff which has had great […]

Beliefs that hold us back

A belief is what we hold to be true for us- a rule for the world as we see it. They act as our permissors and prohibitors- i.e. they make it possible or impossible to do things Beliefs are also self-fulfilling prophecies- we will unconsciously and consciously manifest situations to […]

Conditions for Lasting Change

Continuing the theme of change- if you ever find you are resisting change, or working with someone who seems to be ambivalent to change, check out that all the below conditions for lasting change are being met For change to happen the person wanting the change has to: Understand change […]

Change Working

Any change can be scary- even if the change is really wanted and we know it’s the best thing for us It’s like the smelly, battered tatty old shoes that we keep on wearing because they are so comfy – we know the new ones will nip for a while, […]