Go with the flow

Last weekend Jackie & I went to North Wales for a lovely short break

In the process we had a go at Bounce Below- a series of huge trampoline nets 4 deep in a cavern, and also Velocity Zip Wire- the longest in Europe and fastest in the world. This involves climbing up an old slate quarry in a rickety wagon, strapping onto a wire and going with the flow

I had no nerves as I simply stayed in the moment, put my trust in the experts and enjoyed it. The views were amazing and although it only lasted 57 seconds, it was a great experience- and not something I would usually do

Doing things out of the ordinary or that scare us can loosen up our comfort zone- this makes us more flexible and ultimately I believe, happier and calmer

So go and do something that scares you this week and go with the flow…….. IMG_9095 IMG_9052

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