About Us

We are all about your personal empowerment.


By training with us for your own development both personally and professionally- or by working individually to sort out an issue or plan a great future.


Alan & Jackie have been working with people to help them to sort out their problems, decide what they want for themselves- and to go for it for over 50 years between them.


We have trained over 1000 people in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) via ‘open’ and ‘in-house’ training. This is delivered in a non-cheesy, very understandable and enjoyable way


We have offered bespoke solutions to any amount of ‘people skills’ needs- handling difficult people, wellbeing and resilience, confident presentations, influencing and negotiation skills, managing anxiety and stress amongst others.


Our style is relaxed, informal, challenging, often direct and even provocative. We go for the outcomes you need as quickly as possible, with a no-nonsense, real-world approach


Many people have thanked us for solutions, insights, skills, approaches and ways of being people have learned from us over the years- see our testimonials throughout this site.


Contact us to discuss how we can help you, your child, your organisation or your school


Change Working is the new(ish) name that incorporates:


  • Train of Thought NLP Training (est 2005)
  • The IEMT Training Organisation (est 2013)
  • Alan Johnson Change Worker/ Therapist for adults
  • Jackie Johnson Change Working for children/ schools

About Alan Johnson

I am a trainer, coach, therapist, change worker


Originally from Shildon, Co Durham and now living in the market town of Northallerton, North Yorkshire, I have learned from life experience, much training and common sense, how to empower and guide other people to get the changes in their life that they are after.


With over 30 years’ experience of working with people in varying roles and environments, I am now a full time trainer of NLP, IEMT and other ‘people skills’ and change working approaches.


Before this I was a qualified general and mental health nurse, have worked in prisons, probation and drug & alcohol services from worker to service manager and commissioner.


I have been training NLP for over 10 years to well over 1,000 people from all backgrounds


Having found much frustration with the systems and constraints of being employed, I have found my niche as a trainer and effective change worker/ therapist


My approach is very direct and uses cutting edge techniques, such as Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT), Metaphors of Movement (MoM).


This can help with change from where you are- to where you want to be without having to painfully re-live anything, without it taking forever, and without being patronised.


Whether training with me, or seeing me for individual change work I know it will be effective and possibly even enjoyable!


NLP Training Style


Some NLP is trained in an Americanised, ‘woo-woo’ over-positive way- a problem is just a re-frame away, and the world will manifest in the way you want if you just believe it hard enough! Or it is very focused on squeezing the last bit of work/ money out of your employee/ customer-




Some NLP is very touchy-feely, deep and psychotherapeutic, where people hug trees and have epiphanies- though people often get great personal growth from my training- THIS IS NOT WHAT YOU WILL EXPERIENCE EITHER.


Because I am a trained general and mental health nurse who has worked for many years in drug/ alcohol and criminal justice settings- I train in a very ‘real-world’ and practical way. No whooping and standing on chairs, no holding hands and sitting in circles- oh, and no role play!!


I will ask you to work with the people in your group to practice skills using real life issues/ problems- but the emphasis is on learning real skills to use with self and others


This course will give you real, practical useful tools to work with people with REAL WORLD issues


Time to integrate & learn your NLP course


We train in 2-day blocks, in the North-East of England near Darlington- with time in between to learn, reflect, notice NLP and practice the skills learnt on the course.


Aftercare and Support


Once you have trained with me, I am always at hand for advice & support at any time in the future. You can even re-visit the courses at minimal cost.

About Jackie Johnson

I have worked with children, adults and families for over 20 years in differing capacities.


As a childrenXXs change worker I have helped children overcome fears and stresses, manage their disruptive and unhappy behaviour, stay in school and achieve beyond expectations.


Where I can, I work with the school and family too, to support the necessary changes


I have also been commissioned in schools to work individually and in XXpsycho-education groups. This group of 6 sessions demonstrated a 75% reduction in recorded behavioural issues within the school.


I work with children in their map of the world, and we have fun which helps change happen easily.

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Upcoming Courses

4 Day INLPTA NLP Foundation Diploma

  • April 29, 2017
  • Holiday Inn Darlington North

The introductory level course

Mind, Myth & Magic Workshop with Andy Austin

  • July 1, 2017
  • Golden Lion Hotel, Northallerton. North Yorkshire

Metaphors of Movement takes the guess work out of change work by purely working in the structure of the metaphorical world the person occupies.

IEMT Practitioner- 2 days

  • July 8, 2017
  • Holiday Inn Darlington North

IEMT is rapid change process that can be used with great effect as content free tool for dealing with trauma and other negative emotions. It can also be used as a generative tool for identity level change.

Metaphors of Movement – Level 1 & 2

  • September 16, 2017
  • The Golden Lion Hotel, Northallerton. North Yorkshire

Metaphors of Movement takes the guess work out of change work by purely working in the structure of the metaphorical world the person occupies.

Metaphors of Movement – Level 3

  • September 20, 2017
  • Golden Lion Hotel, Northallerton. North Yorkshire

Metaphors of Movement takes the guess work out of change work by purely working in the structure of the metaphorical world the person occupies.


  • I would recommend the IEMT to anybody considering the course, as it really does work & shifts stuff in such a short space of time.

    I found Alan explained things at a level that could be easily understood.

    LP, Fylde Coast

  • The experiential learning was superb. The trainer delivered the content in a relaxed learning style which, for me, ensured a high level of learning. To describe the benefits briefly would not do justice to the amount of learning I have experienced throughout the course. The practical usefulness of the skills and techniques will be used in every aspect of my life (personal, professional and relationships).

    PT-N, NHS Counsellor

  • Alan is a very engaging trainer who uses humour to make the course very enjoyable. IXXve really enjoyed the course and feel confident to use it with others

    AH, Blackburn

  • This course has been truly life changing. I find it hard to describe the amount of positive change it has had on me… I am not the same person as I was when I started this course.

    RW, Drug & Alcohol Service Manager

  • Very enjoyable and interesting course for people looking for practical, quick and easy techniques to support and develop personal change in themselves and others.

    Well presented, engaging and plenty of opportunities to practice and experience both guiding and exploring

    Eddie Mullany – IEMT Practitioner 2013